4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

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4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

4 Day-Superset-Split-Workout:-Mass-Program
4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

Fast Mass Program: The 4 Day Superset Split Workout

Program Summary:

4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

The Fast Mass program is perfect for anyone who's looking for maximum results in minimal time. Let's face it, we are all busy. This program allows you to commit just 2 hrs to the gym on a 4 day split with 30 min workouts. -Brett Kahn, IFBB Pro

Editor's Note: Make sure you’re doing all the right things you need to be doing to build lean muscle mass.

The course will teach you how your body builds muscle, how to utilize workout plans on our website to maximize muscle growth, how to eat to build muscle, how to supplement to build muscle and how to track your progress.

Why Should I Perform The Fast Mass Program?

The Fast Mass program utilizes a common but often misunderstood, intensity technique known as the superset. I’ll touch more on this in a bit, but for now, just know that a superset combines two sets of exercises (that use opposing muscle groups) into one elongated set by performing them one after another without rest.

By utilizing the superset technique, we can do more work in a shorter amount of time. It also allows us to target multiple muscle groups within one weight lifting session at a high enough tempo to involve the cardio-respiratory system.

In another effort to make sure you get the best bang for your buck with this workout program, we hit each muscle group twice a week with a hypertrophy rep range so that you will gain quality lean muscle mass.

Before I move into describing the workout and providing the workout tables, I want to touch on the topic of what makes a superset a superset.

Why Are Supersets so Great?

As previously mentioned, superseting is a great way to increase the amount of work you’re able to perform in a shorter amount of time.

A lot of lifters overgeneralize the term superset to make it include any set that is composed of two separate lifts. However, that’s not exactly the case.

True supersets involve opposing muscle groups, while compound sets involve the same muscle group. This workout is predominately made up of supersets. However, a compound set or two may have made its way into the program to ensure enough recovery time was given to each muscle group.

Describing The Fast Mass Workout

The Fast Mass program is a 4-day split composed entirely of supersets. To begin each superset, you will perform lift “a” before jumping right into lift “b” with no rest period in between.

After you finish your superset, you’ll want to take a rest period of between 45-90secs. For the larger, more complex lifts such as the squat, bench, and dumbbell press, I like to rest for the complete 90 seconds. As the workout progresses, you’ll be able to shorten that rest time closer to the 45-60sec mark while performing some of the accessory lifts.

All the lifts are also programmed so that if you work out in a commercial gym, you won't have to hog a whole lot of equipment. Nothing is as disheartening as going to perform the second part of your superset only to see another lifter run off with the equipment you needed for the first part.

Day 1 of the program is a leg and shoulder workout (minus pressing). You will need to bring over a pair of dumbbells to the squat rack to perform lateral raises in a squat/lateral raise superset. After your first superset, you’ll move into dumbbell Romanian deadlifts paired with bent over rear delt raises.

The final superset hits the hamstrings and the quads by performing leg extension and leg curls together. Some gyms have a machine that has them both. If yours does, that's great. If not you can either superset on separate machines or perform one and then the other if you don’t have the opportunity to superset them for whatever reason (i.e. busy gym).

Day 2 features pretty much every other muscle group. You’ll start off on a bench doing dumbbell bench press and dumbbell pullovers to work the chest and lats. Once completed, move the bench up to a 30-45* incline for incline dumbbell presses and chest supported dumbbell rows. Finally, get a great arm pump by performing EZ bar curls with skull crushers as a superset.

Day 4 is your second leg day of the week. Kick things off with goblet squats paired with goblet lunges in a great leg compound set. Then move over to the machines to hit the quads and hamstrings with another leg extension and leg curl superset.

For your second compound set, hit some calf work with seated calf raises and standing calf raises. For standing calf raises, these can be completed either with a machine, with weight, or with bodyweight depending on the gym flow during your workouts.

Day 5, and the final day of the lifting week, features a whole upper body day.  Start off with standing dumbbell military presses followed up with a bent-over dumbbell row. Next head over to the cables for a lat pulldown paired with one of the greatest bodyweight exercises of all time, the pushup.

End your workout and go into the weekend with a killer arm pump by performing alternating dumbbell hammer curls and overhead tricep extensions.

On the off days, you’ll want to walk for 20-40 minutes as an active recovery. Active recovery sessions are great for loosing up your tight muscles, and increase blood flow so that you can pump nutrients into your muscles to help them repair. I prefer walking, but I also live in an area where it doesn’t get cold very often. Do whatever light cardio works best for you.

You may also want to include some additional core workouts on your off days. Although, you certainly don’t have to. The amount of work done during your workouts should be plenty to shred fat and work the stabilizing muscles of your core.

DAY 1:

4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

DAY 2:

4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program
Day 3:

off (light cardio 20-40 minutes of walking for active recovery)

DAY 4:

4 Day Superset Split Workout: Mass Program

DAY 5:

DAY 6 & 7:

off (light cardio 20-40 minutes of walking for active recovery)


The Fast Mass Program is great because it utilizes supersets, which allows you to perform a lot of exercises and train multiple muscle groups in a short amount of time.

It is perfect for the average person looking to put on muscle mass, but may not have the time to spend longer than 30 minutes in the gym.


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