Is HGH safe for beginners? The TRUTH About HGH

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Is HGH safe for beginners? The TRUTH About HGH

Is HGH safe for beginners? The TRUTH About HGH

Human Growth Hormone: What is HGH?

HGH helps to maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs. This hormone can help to speed up healing after an injury and repair muscle tissue after exercise. This helps to build muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn fat. HGH is also said to benefit the quality and appearance of the skin.

Everything under the sun has two aspects- good and bad sides (side effects). We all know that excess of anything is harmful to us, whether it...

We all know that excess of anything is harmful to us, whether it is foods or medicine, or a supplement. In the same way, you can think of the HGH hormone or Human Growth Hormone

If you can take HGH according to your need or doctor’s advice, you will benefit yourself. On the contrary, consuming excessive without following its rule, you will end up harming yourself. HGH supplements or injections work as HGH releaser inside your body to balance its level, gaining muscle mass

So, the ultimate answer to the query ‘is it safe or unsafe for bodybuilding’ depends. And, as you are here for the question, I am going to describe clearly both its (HGH) safe and unsafe sides for bodybuilders so that you leave my site gathering as much information as you need.

Human Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)

HGH is responsible for human beings’ growth. When we reach puberty, it produces the most helping our organs to grow big. It is a pea-sized organ located just below our brain in the pituitary gland. Sometimes, you may see some children looking gigantic in shape. Conversely, some are short in stature. Excess release of HGH makes a child gigantic, which is called gigantism, while deficiency of the growth hormone ruins a child’s growth. 

In growth hormone deficiency, doctors advise taking HGH for the growth hormone’s balance. This growth hormone produces at its highest level during our puberty and gradually decreases its production in the late 20s. It plays a pivotal role to maintain our muscle gain, develop our brain’s functionalities, and increase sex drive.

Now, it is time to delve into its benefits as well as side effects to paint a clear picture of whether it is safe or unsafe for your journey of bodybuilding. HGH is anabolic, and that’s why it is a popular hormone for bodybuilders and athletes. It helps repair your muscle’s tissues after workouts, stimulates cellular growth, and also reproduces.

Muscle growth is fun with HGH

At your later age, when you want to do workouts with heavy weights, you may not be able to continue for a long time. But, HGH can help you increase the time and also allows you to push heavy weights around while physical exercise.

By doing workouts for an extended time, you can gain muscle mass.

Smoother brain function

Taking HGH contributes to level up your growth hormone inside your body. Your brain functions well. The higher level of growth hormone in your body, the higher ability your mind shows to think and focus.

Increase sex drive

The ability to have sex with your partner decreases as you age. Just recollect the moment when you were 20 years to 25 years old. As a young man, you perhaps felt better sex drive and could do it for a longer time. What happened then? It was HGH that released at that time much in your body and increased your testosterone which is responsible for sex driving.

HGH can also help you achieve better erections at the time you need.

Bones become stronger

After passing your youth, you should never expect that consuming or injecting HGH can make you bigger. If your HGH provider says so, they may not show you any proven evidence. For physical activities, you need stronger bones to support you complete them. Yes, HGH, in this regard can help you make your bones stronger.

Your bone takes more time to rejoin again if it breaks. HGH prevents breaking your bones easily.

HGH Possible Side Effects (Unsafe sides)

As I said earlier that everything has good and bad hands. HGH, similarly, has side effects as well. They can be dangerous for you too. So, thinking twice, maybe, thrice will be wise before taking HGH supplements or injections. You may experience likely side effects as below:

Gynecomastia (Man boobs) may appear

As a man, you never want gynecomastia to happen to you. But, if there is an imbalance among estrogen, testosterone, and HGH fall out, you may experience this health problem. You want a stronger physical structure but never this physical feature of having man boobs.

It hurts your self-esteem. Also, you will not be willing to sport around the beach in the summertime.

Risk of heart diseases like heart attack

Too much HGH can be a likely cause of heart diseases like a heart attack. Your heart may enlarge due to excessive HGH consumption by injecting it into your body. It is called cardiomegaly, and thus you will suffer from many heart diseases. An enlarged heart means a possible heart attack.

Some body parts may become larger

If you, willingly or unwillingly, overload your body with HGH intake, it develops a bodily condition called acromegaly. When you grow adult ultimately, there is almost a little to zero chance to produce more. 

In this case, HGH overload in your body makes your bones thicker instead of more significant, especially in hands, feet, and face. Side by side, you may experience a growing pain in these body parts as well. Moreover, thicker bones on these body parts can ruin your good look too.

Chance to have diabetes

Loading HGH in your body can lower your blood sugar. For this, you may feel lightheadedness, fatigue. The condition is known as hypoglycemia. If you have hypoglycemia, you are at risk of getting diabetes soon.


Having an anabolic function, HGH is becoming more popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and those who tend to look younger. As its side effects are somewhat dangerous, consult with your doctor before starting to inject it inside your body. Otherwise, you may end up causing some health conditions instead of gaining muscle mass!

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