Blessing Awodibu: Bodybuilders Have To Stop Giving A What People Think Of You

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Blessing Awodibu: Bodybuilders Have To Stop Giving A What People Think Of You

Blessing Awodibu: Bodybuilders Have To Stop Giving A What People Think Of You

Blessing Awodibu breaks down how to succeed at social media and being a public figure.

Today there are more outlets than ever before to becoming famous in the bodybuilding world. This is due in large part to the rise of the internet and social media. Now you can be in control and directly connect with potential fans. It’s changed the game. It’s also changed the way we think – not only in bodybuilding but across the board. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, viral bodybuilding sensation Blessing Awodibu explains the key tactics to succeed on social media without succumbing to stress.

Social media has opened a lot of doors for people who would have otherwise never achieved fame and success. It’s also created a new way we navigate through the world. Since everyone can have a social media account for free – everyone has an opportunity to be famous now. Even if you’re not a bodybuilder looking to brand yourself, you’re likely somewhat aware of how many followers you have or likes you receive. It gives us a positive rush. It can also make you feel like crap when a post fails.

his effect is increased if you’re someone who is trying to break through and become famous. Or perhaps looking to build a following for your business or brand. Social media provides great power to find success. It can also become a pit of despair and addiction.

That’s why we turned to Blessing Awodibu for advice on how to find success on social media without it taking over your life. Blessing is known for his wild and viral videos long before even became pro. He’s now using that following to leverage his pro bodybuilding career. It’s working. He’s now on his way to the New York Pro 2021 building hype every week leading up to the competition. He’s a spotlight athlete going into the show.

We asked Blessing Awodibu how he built his massive online following. We also asked him to share tips on how to go viral fast and the best “rules” for building a brand on social media. Blessing had one very important rule. It’s the one rule that dictates everything he does on social media.

That rule is: “You have to stop giving a fuck what people think of you.”

That’s the trap. That’s how social media can create a ball of stress and anxiety in your life. Not only that – but once you start overcompensating due to online comments, likes, and subscribers – you start becoming less genuine.

Blessing Awodibu grew his social media almost by accident. At first, he had no goal or tactic to build a big fanbase. He was simply being himself, filming it, and putting it out to the public. His wild personality mixed with his massive size drew attention. It wasn’t until years later that he realized the kind of tactics he could implement to grow even further.

No matter how much his brand evolves over time – he still sticks by his one rule of staying true to himself. He ignores the comments and the negative feedback. He never plans a post or video based on what fans want. He does what is true to himself and the fans will come.

That of course doesn’t mean that Blessing Awodibu is immune to the addiction of social media. He admits that positive comments and a post that gets a lot of likes will bring in a dopamine rush. And certainly, sometimes a poorly received post will make him feel bad. But ultimately, he brushes those feelings away.

It’s a tactic that all influencers need to stay vigilant about. It can be easy to get swept up and lose sight of reality after spending so much time on a phone. That’s why those looking to become viral, famous, or build a brand need to train their mind just as much as their body. Once the likes and follows own you – you will lose sight of what makes your content truly unique and memorable.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu go into detail about his journey to viral success and how he copes with it in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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