Bodybuilding without Steroids, Milo's Secret to Building Strong Muscle

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Bodybuilding without Steroids, Milo's Secret to Building Strong Muscle

Bodybuilding without Steroids, Milo's Secret to Building Strong Muscle
Bodybuilding without Steroids, Milo's Secret to Building Strong Muscle

Bodybuilding without steroids, Milo style! Here's what it means: if you are a drug-free weightlifter with average genetics or worse, ugly like me, then muscle building comes down to this ...
If you don't lift more weight today than you did 12 months or even four weeks ago ... then you are not building muscle!

You can press the bench press or press a shoulder with a Kettle Bell with 40 pounds in each hand until you turn blue in the face ... but the bencher presses 275 pounds or shoulders with 125 pound dumbbells will always have a larger chest and more muscular shoulders. why you? because they lift heavier weights!

Here are the basics of bodybuilding without steroids, Milo style, to build lean muscles ...
Free weights. The machines balance the weight for you, leaving your stabilizing muscles weak. Free weights require you to balance the weight yourself, which strengthens your stabilizing muscles and allows the body to develop real strength.

Compound exercises. Lifting heavy objects always involves multiple muscles. If you want to build stronger muscles, you need to use exercises that incorporate more muscles - Dead-Lifts, Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Head Press and others.
Barbells. I see a lot of people in commercial gyms using machines because it is a comfortable and easier way to exercise. Milo Bodybuilding uses dumbbells because you can lift the most weight and progress more easily.

Representatives of the pyramids. You can use more weight if you spread the repetitions and the weight. This helps stimulate and develop different muscle fibers. The end result is a more perfectly developed muscle that is as strong as it seems.

Frequency Training. If you train (with real progressive effort), you will often be exhausted. If you don't train often enough, your muscle mass and your fat mass will never progress towards what you want, your goal. Milo Bodybuilding consists of bringing together the right combination for optimal growth and health.

The most productive exercises are:

Free Weight Squats
Bench press
Aerial press
Curved dumbbell lines
Barbell biceps curl
Barbell Close-Grip Bench Press - Triceps
Standing calf lift.

If you use these selected muscle exercises in a system that allows you to safely lift heavy loads, eat lots of nutritious food and get enough sleep, your muscles will have no other choice. than getting stronger, bigger and leaner!

It's Monday, so remember your short and long term goals, think about what you want to accomplish this week and don't apologize for not getting it. A winner never leaves and an abandonment never wins!

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