How To Get Chest Pump In Gym!

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How To Get Chest Pump In Gym!

How To Get Chest Pump In Gym!
How To Get Chest Pump In Gym!

Whether it's on a Monday or any other day that ends in "y," chest day isn't a success unless you get a maximum pump.

Top to bottom and all points in between, fuller means better when working your chest. Outside of the feeling of accomplishment you get in the moment, chasing a bigger, better chest pump fills the muscle bellies with blood so the fibers can grow and improve.

We've got the workout to give you the best chest pump of your life. Make sure you have a good meal, take a solid pre-workout, and prepare for an iron assault!

Incline Dumbbell Fly

Start with this chest isolation movement to warm up the pecs and stretch the fibers out early so they have more room for the blood to flood in later in the workout. Using an incline bench helps target the top of the chest, but you'll need to pay close attention to your form to keep your shoulders and traps out of the movement.

As you lower the weights on each rep, give your muscles a good stretch at the bottom of the movement and squeeze your arms together as hard as you can at the top. Remember, if you don't feel the pecs stretch and flex, the rep doesn't count. If you need to go lighter to make that happen, do it. Complete 4 sets of 15 reps.

Low Incline Dumbbell Press

With your chest muscles primed and stretched from the flyes, it's time to force some blood into them with a low incline press. To chase an unbeatable pump, high volume is the name of the game. This translates to more sets and reps than you might be used to, so pay attention to your weights. Go lighter if you have to.

The angle changes slightly on this exercise, which will help you target the top and middle of your pectoralis major. Dumbbells give you more freedom than a barbell to maximize your range of motion, so take advantage of them and reach wide when you drop down. Bring the dumbbells in over your chest at the top, but don't let them touch.

Complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps, pushing yourself to reach those higher rep ranges to pump more blood into your pecs.

Flat Cable Fly

Remember, you're not going for an average pump on this workout, so you'll need to make as much room in the chest as possible. Cables help you stay in a fixed path and keep tension on the muscles while you perform each set.

Since you've already done two incline moves, go flat to work your way down the pecs. Get a good stretch on every rep as you lower down, and flex when you bring your arms up. Flex your chest between 3 sets of 15 reps to maximize your pump.

Weighted Dip

After free weights and cables, switching to bodyweight movements is a great way to recruit more muscle fibers and take advantage of the pump you've already initiated. Dips are very effective not only for the chest but also for the triceps, so push yourself to failure on all 3 sets.

To maximize the work for the chest, maintain tension by not locking out at the top of your reps. This is a weighted dip, but if you have to start out with an assisted dip machine or bodyweight only, that's fine. When you can do more than 20 bodyweight reps, add weight via a belt or vest.

Superset: Cable Cross-Over And Push-Up With Feet Elevated

You've stretched, primed, and pumped the chest muscles. Now for the grand finale, you're going to do it all again, and add extra sets for an even bigger pump!

Cross-overs target the lower portion of the chest while stretching the fibers and opening up more space for blood to flow. Feet-elevated push-ups shift the focus to the upper portion of the chest and pump even more blood into those pecs.

Finish the workout strong with 5 sets of 20 reps for each exercise. Even though this is the end of the workout, make each and every rep count so when you leave the gym you can start recovering and maximize your chances of turning that pec pump into chest growth!

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