Bicep Tips – Best Keys To Huge Guns

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Bicep Tips – Best Keys To Huge Guns

Bicep Tips – Best Keys To Huge Guns
Bicep Tips – Best Keys To Huge Guns

ok let’s face it when we are in front of the mirror what muscle are we tensing the most, trying to impress others? Yep you’ve guessed it, like the majority of the guys out there; when we tense we tense our biceps. Bigger biceps is what we all desire, now look at what we need to do in getting the guns we’ve always wanted.

The biceps are made up of two heads, which are called the short head and long head. The bicep is situated on the upper portion of the arm in between the forearms and shoulders.

When training the biceps we need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. This means pushing more weight and reps than we’ve ever done before. This mentality is most important with training biceps. Heavier weight will tend to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibres, while higher repetitions with a smaller weight will stimulate the slow twitch muscle fibres.

The biceps are one of those muscles which, by default, stimulates the slow twitch muscle fibres, therefore heavier is better, ideally with 6-8 repetitions. When I train my biceps I’ll throw in a light weight occasionally, just to keep the muscles guessing.

Remember that the biceps are a small muscle therefore you do not need to be doing set after set, which may result in overtraining and usually no more than 8-10 hard reps is more than plenty. With the guessing game, don’t be doing the same exercises week after week, change them around.

Some weeks,you may decide to change the order… like, do curls then cables second. The second week, do cables first then curls. You may even throw in one set of 30 reps, which is all designed to keep the muscle guessing.

Standing Bar Curls

Now it’s time to construct our biceps workout and learn about the most effective bicep exercises starting with Standing Bar Curls. This exercise can be performed either standing dumbbells with both arms curling or alternating. The other options are standing barbell or seated dumbbells. This exercise is great as the first exercise as it is considered the power exercise and best at building serious mass.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

This exercise is another power, mass builder. This exercise can be tough especially after performing a Standing Barbell Curl. The exercise is performed on an incline bench with dumbbells either curling simultaneously or alternating. 

This is the exercise where you come out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself with strict form, when done property will produce a fantastic pump.

One-Arm Preacher Curls

The final exercise is the One-Arm Preacher Curls. This exercise is more of an isolation exercise, which focuses primarily on the short head, adding fullness. 

I personally find it great in developing size and suggest it be done with a lighter weight so you can feel the full stretch and control the weight so that is done with proper form.


The biceps are easily one of the most popular muscles, guy love their “guns” and love showing them off with short sleeve shirts. So if you are one of those guys, make sure you’re training them hard with high intensity and remember they are a small muscle so do not train them more then you have to.

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