Building Muscles Between Truth and illusion - Steroids

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Building Muscles Between Truth and illusion - Steroids

Building Muscles Between Truth and illusion - Steroids
Building Muscles Between Truth and illusion - Steroids

Building muscle is a great way to condition yourself for sports and to create a healthier, happier body. However, building muscle fast is a goal that many people feel under great pressure to complete.

This can lead them to doing unhealthy things with their bodies, such as using steroids or lifting too much weight and damaging their muscles. It’s okay to want to build up muscles but doing so too fast isn’t worth the problems it can cause.

Sports often demand players to be as strong as possible. This is especially true of sports like football and weight lifting.

Using steroids can seem like a quick and easy way to build muscles. However, the quick gain of muscles isn’t worth the harm that steroids do to your body. Here is a quick list of problems caused by anabolic steroids.

Effects on the Brain

Anabolic steroids can cause adverse mood swings. This is because they are a synthetic version of a natural hormone in the body that causes people to become aggressive when necessary.

This hormone kicks in when you are being competitive or if you feel at risk for your life. However, steroids often cause this feeling of nervousness to occur randomly, leading to angry outbursts and other serious mental conditions.

Steroids can also be addictive as they will replace the production of this hormone in your body, meaning you will need regular doses to keep the hormone level high. They can also cause depression, restlessness, mood swings and other serious mental problems, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Physical Problems

Steroids can cause a series of problems with your body that you may not even notice until it is too late. Chief amongst these problems are:

* Lack of bone growth.
* High blood pressure.
* Balding.
* Acne.
* Liver cysts or cancer.
* Weakened tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Steroids can also affect boys and girls differently. Since steroids stop the natural production of testosterone in your body (for up to a year) boys often become more feminine and grow breasts, lose testicular mass, have low sperm count, become impotent, increased prostate growth, serious cancer, premature balding and a higher pitched voice.

Girls suffer the opposite effects: they become more masculine. They grow male body hair, develop male pattern baldness, get a deepened voice, irregular periods, lose breast mass, grown an enlarged clitoris and may even cause birth defects.

The appeal and pressue may be sky high, but building muscle fast is dangerous and should be done naturally to avoid these problems. Regular work out regiments with a personal trainer can help you build muscles safely and quickly.

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