Lower Ab Workout - The Best Exercises For Lower Abs

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Lower Ab Workout - The Best Exercises For Lower Abs

Lower Ab Workout - The Best Exercises For Lower Abs
Lower Ab Workout - The Best Exercises For Lower Abs 

When we say lower ab workout, we are pertaining to training the abdominal muscles that are closer to the pelvis than the thorax.

These muscles are on the bottom part of the rectus abdominis and the transversus abdominis including the pyramidalis muscle (which is found on the lower part of the abdomen).

Using basic exercises that target these areas will ensure that it gets a better shape and will flatten out those bulging “love handles”. To do this, here are some steps you can follow:

• Reduce your fat intake. Diet is an important part of any health regimen and focusing on the food you eat should be done regularly.Eating on the proper manner with 40-40-20 carbohydrate, protein, and fat proportion should suffice. 

However, you can change the kind of fats that you eat, especially those that can easily be burned by the body. Fruits and vegetables should also be part of all your meals.

• Focus on your abdomens. When you do the lower ab workout, try to feel that only the muscles in your abdomen are getting tensed. When you feel some other part of your body to be experiencing tension, then you might want to consider altering the techniques you use or exert more effort in putting all the stress only on your abs to workout it out more.

• Do some cardio. Know that cardio exercises not only help burn the fats stored in your body prior to doing a lower ab workout, but it also increases your endurance. 

As the name suggests, you can work out the muscles of your heart before doing any other exercise so that the supply of oxygen throughout your body flowing in your blood would be enough to keep you going, and you will avoid feeling lightheaded. Ten to twenty minutes on the treadmill would be great.

• Shorten break periods. When doing exercises that target the muscles in the abdominal area, you have to make sure that it continuously undergoes pressure and that the tension on it is not lost. 

As you increase the force on it, the more it tends to tighten and be defined. When you stop between intervals, you should keep your rest period as short as possible so the tensions will buildup on your muscles.

• Learn to breathe properly. Breathing is an integral part of any exercise, because it helps supply the necessary amount of oxygen that could help burn the stored fats you have in your body.

Aside from this, it also prevents the presence of pain after the workout caused by the anaerobic processes on your muscles. Without oxygen, your body would tend to burn the energy in it but release a certain acid that later would make you feel too much pain.

After taking note of the tips mentioned above, you will have a basic understanding of the concepts that are related to any exercise routine. Being able to know this can ensure the success of any workout you get into.

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