9 Tips Hardgainer Arm Building Muscle

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9 Tips Hardgainer Arm Building Muscle

The 9 Tips Hardgainer Arm Building Muscle
9 Tips Hardgainer Arm Building Muscle

The simple and harsh truth about muscle growth is that some people have better genetics when it comes to building muscle. Others have to work much harder, forcing themselves to the maximum, just to see some growth.

Your arms are no exception. While some people seem to manage to build big arms just by doing the most basic routines, there are those whose biceps remain mediocre with hard and intensive training. In this article we will present you the best hardgainer arms tips.

Method for developing your biceps

Well, although the former may look impressive, there are small chances that you’ll learn anything from these guys. On the contrary, if you want to create a method for developing your biceps, you should probably turn for advice to the latter.

They are the ones that needed to come up with extraordinary methods for adding half an inch to their arms. The years of trial and error have thought these hard-workers how to utilize every effort of their sets, trying out different routines and high-intensity principles.

In today’s article we present you with several strategies used by competitive bodybuilders who (believe it or not) had hard time building their shirt-busting arms. Learn about the obstacles that may appear on your road to perfect physique and how to overcome them.


If you find yourself in the average guys lot the following tips will be of a great benefit for you arms development.

1. Your arms should be trained separately. Avoid working them out after you had finished training some larger muscle group. You’ll want them to be fresh and prepared to lift heavy.

2. Reduce the weight you lift every once in a while. Sometimes it’s better if you lower the load. Take off 10 percent of your working weight.

3. Reducing the weight you handle will help you build a better mind to muscle connection. Feeling your muscles tense and contract is every bit as important as lifting heavy.

4. It would also help if you slow down the reps so that you can work the pump. Limit your rep range to 8-15.

5. Focus on performing quality reps. Don’t cheat on the execution. That would only mean cheating on your gains. Try to control the rep as you go up. Once you’re at the top, pause and squeeze the muscles. Apply this same principle to the downward movement, emphasizing the negative portion of the rep.

6. Your biceps and triceps need to be hit at different angles. Consequently, you’ll need to use various moves to fully activate them.

7. If your arms are lagging behind your other muscles, maybe you should consider paying greater attention to them. You might want to train them more often than other body-parts for a certain period.

8. High-intensity techniques should be made cornerstone to your routine. Include forced reps, negatives and drop-sets in your protocol for better muscle growth.

9. Avoid getting stuck in the same old routine. Your arms are just like any other muscle in your body. They get used to the loads, angles and dynamics and refuse to grow. That’s why you need to constantly add new exercises, change the rep range, increase the load or the rest period.

While you might find out that some proven exercises don’t work for you, you’ll discover that other, less popular and somewhat obscure moves bring on the rocks in your biceps peak. Just like in every other aspect of life, change is one of the most important variables in bodybuilding as well.

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