Workout Back For Build New Muscle !

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Workout Back For Build New Muscle !

Best Muscle-Building Back Exercises!
Workout Back For Build New Muscle !

Follow These Back Exercises That Really Build New Muscle !

Do you really think that lat pulldowns are great for back mass? You think that they kick ass? Well, think again. Every one of the exercises below builds more back muscle than the cable pull-downs done religiously by trainees.

The Deadlift

This is not an exercise for legs, nor for lower back. It’s number one exercise for building overall strength and mass and especially back muscle mass.Every muscle group at the back of your body is involved in this deceptively simple movement.

Also, performing heavy deadlifts will force your body to produce extra growth hormone and testosterone since they stress the body so much. Then why isn’t everybody in the gym deadlifting? Because the deadlifts are perhaps the most uncomfortable and painful exercise to master.


How many guys have you seen do countless reps of pull-downs, but struggle with pull ups for 3 or 5? Yes, pull-ups are the ultimate bodyweight exercise, and to do them, one requires an incredible amount of strength.

But they are also a shortcut to building upper body mass and a wide back. There are other variations like the chin-up, where you have the reverse and slightly closer grip than pull-ups.

Barbell Rows

This is the number two mass building exercise for back. It’s hard but it has a lot of benefits like building the rear and side shoulder heads, upper back and helping you develop a “V” shaped body.

Dumbbell Rows

One hand variation of the barbell row. They allow fuller range of motion but lighter weights than the barbell row. They also build back thickness, rear shoulders and arms.

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