Top Secret if you really want Huge and mass Legs

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Top Secret if you really want Huge and mass Legs

Top Secret if you really want Huge and mass Legs

Train Legs TWICE Per Week If You Really Want Gains

People tend to skip the gym, especially on the leg day one of the reasons being that people are often sore after the leg day and not able to walk properly for a day, sometimes two.

Well, the reasons are more than clear why even the biggest of gym freaks tend to skip the gym on the leg day. You might think that we are kidding when we say that you have to perform leg day twice in a week let alone one leg day a week.

Training legs twice a week will make your lifts get heavier by a great amount especially the major powerlifting movements like the deadlifts and the squats.

People think that training legs will make them look them look bulky and their legs will appear to be bigger but this is just a myth as is that ladies who lift weights will become muscular. In fact, what looks unattractive are guys who skip leg day.

While it’s true that leg day training may be gruesome and an experience to remember, maybe everytime so but for a great body, you need a great foundation and performing leg day has many of its own benefits.

Plus if you have to stand out amongst the crowd, you have to train the legs as the majority of the guys skip it so you’ll gain an extra advantage amongst other competitors if you ever plan on competing or just simply to wear shorts in the gym.
Well, you don’t have to go heavy on both the days you perform the leg day but change your training for the two times you perform.

This will even make the soreness go away as your legs will get used to the training and not get sore that much after a month or so of training them in such a way.

Plus, you’ll get a very athletic advantage over others and you’ll stay fit even at an old age. Old people usually tend to be not mobile during their old ages and literally not able to even get up from their chair

One other advantage of leg training is that your other lifts will increase as leg training increases the natural testosterone production of the body which in turn is said to increase the muscles resulting you in lifting more weights.

Leg training twice a week has one more advantage. While you can keep one leg session focusing on strength where you are lifting for 3-5 reps, the other one you can keep specifically focusing on hypertrophy and more reps which will also result in reducing body fat percentage

Also, a leg session is always better than a cardio session as cardio can even make you lose your gains whereas leg day will keep your gains intact if not increase and it’s almost as beneficial as a cardio session.

Training with weight also keeps the metabolism high i.e., you’ll keep losing fat even after your lifting session is over.

One of the other reasons why you don’t want to skip the gym on a leg day is because it is highly essential if you want that symmetrical and a good looking physique. Guys with great upper bodies and chicken legs seriously make us question “Do you even lift Bruh!?

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