Best Exercises You Should Do To Build A Huge Chest

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Best Exercises You Should Do To Build A Huge Chest

Best Exercises You Should Do To Build A Huge Chest

What most of the lifters want? Bigger pecs. That is the reason why many people in the gym working on their pecs on Monday, and chest day usually leads off the training week. In every gym across the world, Monday is known as the Chest Day on lifters calendar.

What you need to know for building any muscle? Strength is the best shortcut for size. Focus more on doing barbell and dumbbell workouts and lift heavy weights. For more about building muscle mass read another article on this website:

You will need to know some basic principles for building muscle mass in order to build the bigger chest.

Also, it is very important not to work on your ego more than you work on your chest. You need to lift heavy weights but don't lift heavy weights with a bad form, that won't get you bigger chest, and you can also get yourself an injury. 

Focus on lifting with a rep range 8 - 12 and from 75% to 85% 1RM (Rep Maximum). What else you should know is that your chest grows when you rest, not when you train them. Don't train the same muscle more than twice a week because you don't let your muscles to recover and grow if you overtrain them.


1. Barbell Bench Press

Most famous chest exercise and absolute king of all of them. Bench Press is the best exercise for building chest mass and also to increase strength. The bench press is also very dangerous exercise for shoulder joints so perform it with a proper form. Don't do bench pressing to your neck or with your elbows out, it is dangerous and it can probably lead to an injury.

2. Incline Dumbbell Fly

One of the best exercises for Upper Chest gains. By performing incline dumbbell presses and flyes you are targeting your upper pecs, which is very important for building a wider chest.

3. Incline Dumbbell Press

Doing Incline Bench Press with dumbbells allows you to increase your chest growth by stretching your pecs on the way down. You can't use as much weight as with barbell but it is a great exercise for building bigger and thicker chest.

4. Decline Barbell Press

Apart from Incline and Flat Presses, you should also perform Decline Bench Presses. Many fitness and bodybuilding recommend doing decline presses for better chest development and to focus on the lower portion of the chest.

5. Clap Push-Up

Recently I added this exercise to my training routine and I recommend it to everyone as the last exercise on a Chest Day. It is the best exercise that you can do without the weights for bigger chest and also to improve your bench press.

Use those 5 exercises in your Chest Workout Routine and you will see how your chest grows more every week. Also, eat a lot of healthy foods to fuel your muscles for growth and give your chest time to rest. That is a great rhyme, isn't it?

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