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Rich Piana Talks About Death and Steroids | PureGym



Steroids are widely used throughout the sport, and much more so in bodybuilding, although nobody talks about them. Nobody, except for Rich Piana. In this short interview with PureGym director, Rich Piana discusses some important things about steroids and how no young kids should be doing them. If you are going to pursue them, make sure to do A LOT of proper research beforehand.

“When I started digging deep into the current state of bodybuilding to embark on Generation Iron – I knew we had to dive deeper into steroids. Regardless of your opinion on these drugs – steroids exist in every sport and surely bodybuilding is one of them. Who better to talk bluntly about personal experiences with steroids other than Rich Piana – a YouTube famous bodybuilder who always speaks his mind. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit our entire conversation with Rich Piana into the film – that’s why I’m excited to release this segment of my interview with him where we really dive deep into his personal experience with steroid use and the potential life and death circumstances in the long term.”

Video  Rich Piana Talks About Death and Steroids | PureGym

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